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Something More About USB Extension Cables

Now that the technology has advanced to a higher level and almost everyone uses a laptop or a PC and a smart phone, USB extension cables is not an alien term. Still, here is the full form of USB - Universal Serial Bus.

USB cables are the easiest means to transfer data from one device to the other and the funny part is some people also use them for charging their mobile devices while they continue working on their personal computers.

Now, it wouldn't be useful if we discuss the basic information about USB cables here, instead let's look into the other aspects, like some issues that arise with the cables and solutions to the same.

Most people, who buy peripheral like a printer or a scanner, tend to struggle with the short length of the USB cable that comes with the device. Short length USB cables restrict us from connecting other devices to the computer or laptop and so the office desk looks all messy.

Now the solution to this problem is pretty simple. Longer USB extension cables are available at any electronic store and they can be bought at cheaper costs.

While the basic ones are at around 9 feet long, there are also ones up to 16 feet long available to help you solve your connectivity issues. Long length USB cables are good for those who have to share printers and scanners with others, probably in a small office set up or a home-based office. Also, with the windows plug and play feature; you can easily set up peripheral devices.

Another adding point is that the USB extension cables don't need any external power to function and connect and so you can just plug and play.

USB's are named as female and male. Male is the one that is plugged in for connectivity while the female ones can be spotted on the devices in the form of ports.

USB Female A is the standard port you can see on computers or USB hubs and the USB male A is the one that's used to plug in devices connected to the other end of the USB cable.

USB Female B is the one that is commonly seen on printers, scanners or digital cameras that have a USB port for connectivity, while the USB male B is actually the cable's end that plugs into the devices.

USB Male Mini 4 pin or 5 Pin is a small pin type connector specifically used for certain type of digital cameras or MP3 players or some mobile phones and other electronics devices, while the USB Female Mini 4 pin or 5 Pin is a small opening that can be seen on the devices, for the cable to be plugged in.

Although, wireless world is what we may expect in the coming years, it still may take time to happen for real and until then USB cables will surely play an important role in exchange of data.

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