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When to Change the Wiring in Your House

Every house today has a network of wires and cables. This is the visible and invisible network that runs all the gadgets and implements in the house, from the toaster, geyser to our smartphones. In many ways, without a wiring network we cannot have a modern functioning home or lifestyle.

This makes wiring rather important. But as houses get old, so does it wiring. No matter how efficient or top-notch the wiring was when it was first installed, age can cause wear and tear on everything. So, eventually we may all have to replace the wiring in our house. A good house wire manufacturer along with a reliable contractor can ensure that our house remain safe and energy-efficient.

Need for a reliable wiring

Is it important to pay any extra attention to the wiring in your home? Isn’t it ok if you can switch on the bulb? Can you really have bad electrical wiring? Yes, no and yes! There are plenty of homes with faulty electrical wiring, either because the builder was cutting costs or because it is simply outdated.

Fire hazard: Every year a number of residential fires start because of faulty wiring and short circuit. Usually the inhabitants are caught completely unaware. The loss of life and property can be catastrophic. Checking the wiring and keeping it updated can significantly remove such dangers.

Rules & regulations: A faulty wiring is not just a hazard, it is also in contravention to established rules and regulations. Home owners have to comply with national and local electrical codes. If you are a home owner with tenants, any mishap will mean serious legal complications for you.

Working of your gadgets: Every gadget has a voltage limitation. Beyond this it can overload and burn out. A good wiring system is essential to see that there is a regular and proper distribution of power. irregular power, overloading also has an adverse effect on the electronic implement, shortening its life significantly.

However, for the layman or woman it is not always easy to determine when they need to rework the wiring in their home. Ideally, this should be determined by an electrician. But there are some telltale signs that you need help. So, here are some tips that spell trouble and indicate that you should start looking for a reliable house wire manufacturer for rewiring your house.

State or age of the building: Old homes, at least homes that date before 1980 often have aluminium wiring and these wires do not have a long life. So, it’s probably high time to change the wiring. If you find that your home has aluminium wiring, it’s a good idea to switch to copper. Usually one should change the wiring in 40-45 years as a precaution.

Frequent tripping of fuses or blown fuses: A trip or a blown fuse occurs when there is overloading of the circuit. The fuse trips or shuts down to prevent any further damage. You will experience it anytime there was a sudden overload. But, frequent tripping means that there is a bigger problem that must be addressed and this is usually to do with the wiring.

Check the appearance: Some of the evaluation can be done visually. An old building with damp problem, means that the moisture is seeping onto the pipes carrying the wires. Similarly, if you see that the casing carrying the wires are bent ow misshapen, it is a sign of over-heating. This again indicates a wiring problem.

The wires themselves will show signs of heavy wear and tear. Cables coated with black rubber, fabric, lead indicate an old wiring system, since these insulations are rarely used by house wire manufacturers today. They are also not allowed in some cases. A wrongly labelled fuse box, a fuse box that looks visibly old (has a wooden back or cast iron switches) also mean an overhaul/

Calling for professional help

Working with electric wires can be hazardous, especially for those of us who do not have an adequate knowledge of this. It is always more prudent to get a good electrician to check your house wiring. An expert can also tell you if the wiring is of right grade, size, and specifications to accommodate all the electronic equipment in your home. Lastly, you must always source your wiring from a reliable and reputable house wire manufacturer.

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